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Best DIY Interior Design and Decor 2019

That I did to my bathroom on a budget I didn’t change my fixtures in my boxes from my countertops in my cabinet but I did do a lot of other things that made a huge difference in here and I promised you in that video I was going to show you exactly how I made my custom tub shower curtain when we first bought this house this bathroom was a little bit of a disaster but I did like a few aspects that one of it was there’s a skylight right over the middle of the tub which is great it’s a Roman tub which means it fits up above the floor the steps kind of lead up to it makes it feel a little bit like a sunken tub and it has this feeling to tub dish complete and total mirror and I thought that was really nice too so I looked at it I thought you know I need to make this something really special something romantic something kind of dramatic so one of the things I did was add sconces to the walls and then I decided I need to make a custom tub curve so I’m going to show you today exactly how are you this is all exciting oh my gosh and I’m here to watch it oh all right I can’t believe it nine years of hard work and consistency and a whole heck of a lot of fun made

this happen we did it right now I’m going to take you back 15 years ago as if I was making this for the first time here’s what I did I went to my local fabric store and I purchased six yards of fabric and I liked this fabric because look at it it has this Sheen to it that is so kind of shimmery and sparkly and it’s also kind of see-through so what I did was I took the six yards and I cut it in half.

You can see here whoops I can’t even see here I remember glasses on I turned the top of the fabric over and I created a pocket that was three inches which would allow me to put a one and a half or two inch wide inside of it and on the top another additional inch which gives it kind of a fancy little fringe edge when you gather it I measured in advance to make sure I knew how high I wanted this curtain I came up with eight foot six so with two panels now out of that six yards of fabric I had two three yard panels.

I used that top six inches and the bottom so taking my raw edge I took it and I folded it under once and folded it a second time and then I top stitched along that line and this is what I came with up with was an edge a hem like this now at this point it’s time that I go ahead and press this so that it has a beautiful flow to it when it hangs because this fabric is synthetic I turned it over and I’m going to iron it from the backside my mom taught me that if you sew on the back side instead of the front side you’re less likely to get that shine although kind of like the fact that this fabric has shot

Ah how many of you still iron anymore kind of outdated so many of our clothes don’t need to be ironed or we send the to the cleaners I got to admit I don’t bring my iron out that often anymore but I love something that’s freshly pressed how many of you pressed your pillowcases if you do leave me a comment I want to know fresh pressed pillowcases are a luxury it’s what we do for our clients at their reveals we wash their sheets and we press their pillowcases is that helping yes

a lot of you probably have just a standard 8 foot tall ceiling and you’ve got short shower curtains don’t you I know because I’ve seen them they’re everywhere and I am a huge proponent of making those shower curtains go all the way to the ceiling so if you want to see a video on how to take a standard shower curtain that you buy at the store there is a video on my channel with one of the very early early videos that I did of Sharra’s dorm room where we bought two shower curtains and we sewed them together to make one long tall shower curtain it’s a really great video it’s old content is very old but the content itself and what I teach you is extremely relevant so I will link in the.

so I’m going to put the rod in the middle of the pocket that I sewed on here and lead up three inches and I think this rod is only an inch maybe an inch and a half goodness say with the
hole and then look how easy this is just to literally gather right on top of the rod as you see how I have that little piece left here that’s because I’m g