How to Make Your Home Look Expensive On A Budget

how to make your home look expensive without cashing in your life savings now I know not everyone’s budgets the same but don’t worry you no matter how big or how small your budget may be there will still be something for everyone in this video okay are you ready to get started

number one keep it clean no matter how much money you’ve spent on your home if there’s clutter it’s gonna feel gross if you can commit to making your bed picking things up off the floor and clearing your surfaces you will start to feel better about your space and feel way more inspired to make it beautiful and the best part the only thing cleaning costs you is your time maybe a few Clorox wipes number two stop to smell the flowers you guys you will not believe how much fresh flowers can add to your space not only do they give your house a splash of color and freshness but the smell is just so inviting and welcoming and it’s an added easy level of class and if you’re looking to save a few dollars.

skip the prearranged two bouquets and actually just buy a couple bundles of roses or hydrangeas and DIY a little bouquet yourself number three hang some curtains now I know I say this in nearly every single video but that’s just because it works there’s something about curtains you guys that just drips luxury it adds so much to space makes it feel bigger more homey more cozy and I don’t know it just like makes a random box like feel like a luxury room I cannot explain it just try it and remember when you go to hang that make sure your rods are close to the ceiling not right by the window learn that from your mom now don’t just buy them and throw them up on the windows make sure you wash them dry them and iron them you guys this makes all the difference in the world I’m not kidding you could buy $10 IKEA curtains which is what I have in my house and if you iron them they look like wet sound curtains and one more tip for a fuller more substantial look double up on the curtain makes a big difference number four hang your TV now this one shocks me how many people don’t do this there’s nothing luxurious about a plastic TV stand hang that baby I know it can seem a little intimidating at first but let me tell you it is so worth.

Now most TVs come with a wall mount but if yours doesn’t you can find one on Amazon for under 100 bucks and it will change the game in your living room your husband may be upset with you but tell them it’s worth it like I did to mine we have plaster walls it was much more difficult just drywall but anyway I digress number five invest your budget and things that you sit on okay real talk you guys we’ve all been there before when you’re furnishing a new home and trying to keep your budget low there is a huge temptation to kind of go cheap when it comes to investing in a sofa because it’s a very large price item you get home you most likely build it yourself and then every time you and your guests sit down you regret it I’ve been there you’ve probably been there well those days are over okay so why am I saying all this about a sofa well because we just got a new sofa and forever we’ve had an inexpensive sofa that was not.

very comfortable if you’re watching this video right now and you’re planning out your budget consider investing a large percentage of your budget into your sofa there are plenty other things that you can compromise and save money on but when it comes to the one thing that you spend the majority of your time sitting on choose wisely if you guys want to know where to start and looking for great sofas I recommend going to where we went which was the sofa company they’re super friendly they help you design a custom sofa and I know the word custom is like oh my gosh it’s gonna be so expensive no it’s crazy be the sixth floor husband like I do and you want a sofa that’s two inches deeper than normal they can do that and since they’re custom sofas start under a thousand dollars they will work with any budget number six decorate with candles and bottled matchsticks I think these cute little bottled matchsticks are some of my favorite new decor finds I don’t know if they’ve been out forever but I’ve noticed them popping up at a lot of different little boutiques around recently now if you don’t want to spend the money on buying them I have a trick for you get an empty spice bottle take the label off go buy
some matches at the grocery store.

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