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Interior design ideas small room 2019

Downstairs located perfect for when mom comes into town now I’m gonna show you a bedroom where I did a messy bed we’re gonna tie the knot tie the knot you and me we hardly know each other everything on this bed is very neutral this is a linen and kind of a flax color white quilted very soft comfort over the top now in this room we purchased this headboard and the matching nightstands what was the last time you saw me do that I don’t usually buy sets of furniture but in this case this is actually a guest bedroom oh this guest bedrooms look really good crazy good crazy good like master bedroom we were tasked with here’s your budget it was very small I’m just telling you and see what you can come up with so we did we did go ahead and say that C word a nice coat of very neutral.

paint white trim all the way around and the base molding and the crown molding and then some very very inexpensive art pieces they’re not even framed and this is I’m not kidding you so lightweight like I can lift it up whoops oh my why did I do three pieces above this bed well it’s a king sized bed for one but look at this this is a pretty high headboard and when you have this much headboard and you have crown molding stopping down I only had like I don’t.

know maybe 30 inches available last walking down this prospective path across the lake because we are going to go bird-watching so he said I need to have a television in that room I said a television the only wall you could possibly put a television on is this one cuz this is when you’re in the bed you’re looking this way I do not want a TV that’s hanging on the wall with nothing below it so what I did was I got this very inexpensive and then this is just open so it gives me a sense that there’s a piece of furniture here but you can see through it so that’s it for today’s video on how to do a messy bad bedroom.