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Modern Christmas Decorating concepts Tree

hello and welcome to Christmas this year you guys wait to examine what I actually have for you this year on Robson style, a way to beautify for Christmas here on YouTube thus last year in December I happen to be sitting in my lounge with my husband looking tv we have a tendency to were looking one in every of our favourite shows Shark Tank and guess what they showed this Christmas tree that was wonderful it’s known as the trendy Christmas tree and that i aforesaid to my husband right then and thera that is what i am gonna do next year it’s thus totally different|completely different} thus distinctive thus I contacted him and guess what the owner of this company the trendy Christmas tree the guy I saw on Shark Tank he is a viewer and a subscriber to my channel I Pine Tree Statean World Health Organization knew he was delighted that I known as and he sent me a tree and i am gonna show you these days however fabulous it’s here comes Matt with my box from the trendy Christmas tree and this can be what we’re gonna do we’re gonna place up wait until you hear this not solely is that this simply tree and it comes around and claptrap claptrap claptrap you must look into their web site you must truly watch the episode on Shark Tank it’s amazing however I bought a tree you recognize why as a result of i believed okay i am extremely gonna do one thing different i am gonna place it on my mirror and it’s gonna appear as if a full tree.

Stunning Christmas Tree concepts for 2018

if you saw this episode on Shark Tank last year leave Pine Tree State a comment let Pine Tree State recognize is not that the best factor currently watch it’s gonna appear as if utterly|a totally|a very spherical consider that that appears utterly spherical does not it just thus|with great care you recognize this tree comes absolutely spherical completely different|in several|in numerous} sizes and Heights there is a ton of various choices even different choices in what hangs on that however i am going to provide you with this tiny heads up if you are inquisitive about this tree ought to make out shortly last year I ordered mine 2 days once the Shark Tank airing and that they were completely oversubscribed out so I just got mine for this year Wow Matt you probably did that basically quick okay therefore the next step right is to place the ornaments on we’ve these.

Which should be additional for decorating gorgeous Christmas Tree

this is a cool feature that they add they send you a group of white gloves i am gonna wear some so is Matt the explanation you would like this can be as a result of once you place these ornaments and balls on you would like them to be super shiny particularly the crystals and also the crystals they send you it’s pretty wonderful these look to Pine Tree State like Swarovski the terribly fast Christmas tree install not like our 2 day trees right and i have chosen

extremely stunning white pearly and also these square measure glass balls in order that one is within the middle thus these 2 persist the edges and the plan is that you simply stagger the location OH my gosh consider that ring once you’ve got the ornaments on that these days that’s thus cool we have a tendency to might visit the beach we’re done most right i used to be kidding okay no not extremely

Decorations for tiny residences that has to be additional for Christmas Tree ornamentation

Is correct i like my tree what does one guys think leave Pine Tree State a comment below thanks Matt appreciate your facilitate honestly quickest tree biggest bang for your buck bear in mind last year after I had you hanging all of these starlit lights in my well we have a tendency to had to urge a system and it took 3 days I mean and he had blisters on his fingers this blowup for your buck super quick and super spectacular make certain to visualize out the remainder of our Christmas videos from this year still because the ten years worth of Christmas videos we’ve on YouTube did you guys know that my terribly initial youtube video was the way to|a way to wrap a gift and it absolutely was a present so however will urban ma take a package and create it a spectacular gift and let me just cue you if you’ve got not been to my web site and verified the look sessions it’s the simplest way f