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Simple Home Interior Makeovers Ideas

For years it was very personal to them and they really wanted to use it so I didn’t buy any of the art for this house I actually hung the pieces they already owned I’m going to start by taking youto the lounge take a look at the before pictures we have some huge columns which we have now replaced but in this littleniche that just was drywall before Idesigned a beautiful chocolate stainedbuilt in look at this chandeliers well while the girls are sitting here having a glass of wine you know what the guys could be doing playing pool in the billiard room we have a nice pool tablethat the clients previously owned we kept it and then we put in this amazing Avenue lighting chandelier I don’t know balls going in different directions kind of thing get it balls going in different pockets got it over here this used to be a linen closet and it was kind of a seldom-used little storage place all right into the powder room now in the powder room that’s a room I like to get a little more I don’t know dramatic that’s good do you think there’s like a lot of us in sure.

well here is our brand-new kitchen and look at this great island we change the cabinet doors we kept the cabinet you know bases but change the doors and I had the last minute made a decision to change my handles I’d started to put on here some brushed nickel but they just kind of died and I thought with all the dark wood you know what Oliver Bruns so we switched him out spice drawer oh cool this is the best thing I hope I know how to do this do whatever you do with these things I think you cook something this is a hundred and twenty inch long.

table you could see it an army while at least ten people and we have ten chairs to go around it we added a third window over here put in beautiful window treatments aren’t these cute you see the little like trim going down every single color change on there it’s a different piece of fabric all sewn together that’s a big deal leave me a comment below and let me know do you love it I do o our diamond glass is lit now and it’s getting started and look at this architectural lamp so that you can take advantage of the light that comes through the window love stuff like that these look how they look very similar to what I put in the kitchen but look at this just a subtle BAM this right here what you’re looking at this is a custom-made table that I designed these are Ottomans that slide out and look perfect you can sit here put your feet up enjoy and there’s four of them all the way around every single person in this room could have their own ottoman you should sit down to try it no keep filming in order to fit everything into the budget we ended up not doing very much accessorizing as you can tell by the footage however in the end I came back to do a professional photo shoot I brought all the accessories I would have brought in at the time of the reveal and I set it up staged it for the photo shoot this is what it looks like when it’s complete.

you guys should join the next design session if you saw the betting one you’re probably going crazy right now you’ve probably been doing a lot of shopping I’m gonna show you how to make a difference in your home in one day by accessorizing and editing all right so let me take you down this hallway now come this way to the server room look how great this room turned out.

yeah I gotta tell you about this this surfboards what started this whole room I wanted to go with this server theme I wanted to hang this above the bed on this wall this is the wall that Grayson did for us out of all reclaimed wood which I think turned out amazing we went to hang it up here this thing would have been like out to here and it would have been like a guillotine didn’t think that was the message they wanted to send to their guests use that same fabric that was on the end of the bed on that throw and we used it as the shower curtain I kept looking everywhere for a mirror to put in.